Guide to Clear Lake...

Over the past 25 years, the Clear Lake Area has developed into a thriving business community. Originally a fishing and agricultural community, the region encompasses nine communities. In 1976, Houston annexed Clear Lake City, which integrates with Clear Lake Shores, El Lago, Kemah, League City, Nassau Bay, Seabrook, Taylor Lake Village, and Webster. Approximately 200,000 citizens reside in this area, which encompasses about 125 square miles.

Many features distinguish the Clear Lake Area from other areas outlying the city of Houston. First, it lies midway between downtown Houston and Galveston, and is bordered on the east by Galveston Bay. This location provides the best of both worlds: the stimulation of big city life available within a 30-minute drive, and equal accessibility to tropical beaches.

Clear Lake's access to "big water" makes it attractive to both residents and tourists alike. Not only does the bay provide myriad opportunities for water-centered recreation, but it also offers an aesthetic value that is incomparable. Who wouldn't be mesmerized by the sound of waves rushing to the shore, or those calming sea breezes that add refreshment to even the warmest of days?

Another distinction the Clear Lake Area has earned is that of being home to NASA's Johnson Space Center (JSC), which chose this location in the early 1960s. NASA's presence is what really gave impetus to the area's development, and the aerospace programs at JSC, including mission control responsibilities for the Space Shuttle and the Space Station production, continue to contribute to Clear Lake's economy. For example, based on the NASA fiscal year of 1994-95, figures show $1.95 billion was spent locally on federal pay, contractor salaries and services, utilities, materials, and equipment.

Excellent education system with Clear Creek Independent School District(CCISD)